WOM Colombia is a popular mobile network operator in Colombia that offers prepaid SIM cards and eSIM connectivity options for tourists visiting the country. With excellent nationwide 4G LTE coverage and competitive rates, WOM Colombia SIM cards present a great value to stay connected throughout your travels in Colombia. This guide provides everything you need to know about getting a WOM Colombia SIM card or eSIM in Colombia.

wom colombia sim cards

I. Quick Facts about WOM Colombia

quick facts about wom colombia
  • Founded: 2012
  • Company Name: WOM S.A.
  • Services: Mobile (2G, 3G, 4G LTE)
  • Subscribers: Over 7 million (2022 estimate)
  • Coverage: 99% population coverage
  • Stores & Agents: Over 1,000 stores and 15,000 agents across Colombia

WOM Colombia is the third largest mobile operator in Colombia after Claro and Movistar. The company first launched services in 2012 and has since grown to cover over 99% of the population with its network. WOM offers prepaid and postpaid mobile plans with a focus on simplicity, transparency and affordability compared to other major operators.

II. Why WOM When You’re Exploring Colombia – Coverage and Speed

With excellent nationwide 4G LTE coverage and fast speeds, WOM Colombia is a great choice for staying connected during your travels in Colombia.

1. WOM Network Coverage in Colombia

When it comes to coverage across Colombia, WOM is still working to expand its reach compared to the more established competitors. The report shows their Coverage Experience score was the lowest of the major networks, indicating coverage is more limited in populated areas.

wom network coverage in colombia

However, WOM has made good progress in reliability. Nearly all of the time that users are in areas with WOM service, they have a stable connection. Their Availability score of over 98% means disruptions are rare for customers.

4G coverage continues to grow as well. Almost 9 out of 10 times that users had access to 4G with WOM, they were successfully connected to high-speed data. Not a bad result for a younger network still developing infrastructure.

2. WOM Colombia Speed

Customers enjoyed an average 4G download speed with WOM of over 14 megabits per second. That’s faster than most homes connect and plenty for streaming, gaming, or sharing content on the go.

This level of speed performance makes WOM a reliable choice whether you’re in dense urban areas or more remote destinations in Colombia. You can stay productive with video calls, Google Maps and social media without connectivity problems.

III. WOM Connectivity Options for Travelers to Colombia

WOM Colombia offers several connectivity options for visitors to Colombia:

  • Prepaid SIM Card – WOM has prepaid SIM cards that can be purchased in Colombia. These provide unlimited domestic calls & text plus mobile data on 4G LTE network.
  • Tourist SIM Card – WOM offers tourist SIM cards with bundled data packages at airports and sales kiosks. These come ready-to-use with an activated number.
  • eSIM – WOM Colombia provides eSIM connectivity for using mobile data with eSIM-enabled phones. This allows connecting WOM service digitally without a physical SIM.
  • WOM WiFi – Travelers can also buy WOM WiFi hotspot devices for getting internet through WOM’s network on multiple devices.

For most travelers, the standard prepaid SIM card or eSIM offer the best convenience and value. The tourist SIM packs are very simple but usually have inflated rates.

IV. Best WOM Colombia SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

wom colombia retail store

Below are the best SIM card options from WOM Colombia for travelers and tourists with pricing:

Plan Name Data Allotment Cost (USD) Validity (Days) Benefits
4X1 EN DATOS 48 GB (12 GB + 4X bonus) $5.46 30 WhatsApp unlimited, SMS & minutes unlimited to all networks, share up to 12 GB, Spotify Premium for 1 month, Nequi app data
4X1 EN DATOS 28 GB (7 GB + 4X bonus) $4.27 30 WhatsApp unlimited, SMS & minutes unlimited to all networks, share up to 7 GB, Nequi app data
4X1 EN DATOS 24 GB (6 GB + 4X bonus) $3.21 15 WhatsApp unlimited, SMS & minutes unlimited to all networks, share up to 6 GB, Nequi app data
4X1 EN DATOS 16 GB (4 GB + 4X bonus) $2.41 10 WhatsApp unlimited, SMS & minutes unlimited to all networks, share up to 4 GB, Nequi app data
4X1 EN DATOS 10 GB (2.5 GB + 4X bonus) $1.62 7 WhatsApp unlimited, SMS & minutes unlimited to all networks, share up to 2.5 GB, Nequi app data

The 4X1 EN DATOS plans provide the most data for your money, essentially quadruple data allotment for the month. This makes them excellent value for heavy data users. Additional features like data sharing and Nequi app data make the plans more flexible and useful.

V. Does WOM Support eSIM in Colombia?

Yes, WOM Colombia launched eSIM support in 2021 making it one of the first carriers to offer eSIM service in Colombia.

With WOM eSIM you can digitally activate mobile data plans on eSIM compatible smartphones. This allows you to use WOM’s network without having to physically insert a SIM card.

To use WOM eSIM, your phone must be unlocked and feature eSIM functionality. Most newer iPhone and Android models support eSIM.

VI. Where can You Buy a WOM Colombia SIM card?

wom store in colombia

You can easily find WOM Colombia SIM cards at the following locations across Colombia:

  • WOM Stores – WOM has its own retail stores located in major cities and airports.
  • Sales Kiosks – Small sales kiosks and outlets for WOM are present in airports, malls and shopping areas.
  • Superexito/Carulla – Sold at checkout counters of these supermarket chains.
  • Oxxo Stores – Find WOM SIMs at from any Oxxo convenience store.

When purchasing, you’ll need to provide your passport as identification. The SIM costs COP $5,000. Top-up can be added during activation.

VII. How to Activate WOM Colombia SIM Cards in Colombia?

Follow these steps for a new WOM SIM card:

  • Insert and install the SIM card into your unlocked phone.
  • Open phone settings and connect to WOM mobile network.
  • Go to WOM website or app and register your SIM. Provide your name, ID, phone number.
  • Choose a data package to activate from options like 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, etc.
  • Make payment by credit/debit card or cash at a WOM store to activate data.
  • Start using mobile internet, calls & SMS on the WOM network!

VIII. WOM Colombia Call & SMS Rates

WOM Colombia has simple, transparent rates for calls and texts when using their service:

  • Calls to WOM Numbers – COP $129 per minute
  • Calls to Other Colombian Numbers – COP $129 per minute
  • SMS Text Messages – COP $129 per message
  • Data – Cost varies based on megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB) purchased in packages.

There are also options for unlimited calling and messaging add-ons from COP $5,000 per week. Rates do not change whether on prepaid, postpaid or tourist SIM cards.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for WOM Colombia SIM Cards

USSD codes are useful for checking your account balance and info on WOM Colombia:

  • Balance – *140#
  • Remaining Data – *444#
  • Plan Information – *555#

You can dial these codes directly from your phone dial pad and do not need an internet connection for them to work.

X. How to Top-up WOM Colombia SIM Cards

Adding more credits to your WOM Colombia SIM or eSIM is known as “recarga” (recharge). There are a few easy ways to top-up your account:

  • WOM App – Top-up through WOM’s app using credit/debit card.
  • WOM Website – Recharge online at wom.co using card payment.
  • Cash – Bring cash to any WOM store for over-the-counter top-up.
  • Supermarkets – Pay at check-out counters in Exito, Carulla, Jumbo, etc.
  • Convenience Stores – Oxxo stores and other locations sell top-up vouchers.

Keep your SIM active by adding more funds whenever you need. The process is quick whether done in-person, online or in the app.

XI. Alternatives to WOM Colombia SIM Cards

Here are some alternative mobile network options to WOM Colombia SIM cards:

  • Claro – Often praised for widespread 2G/3G coverage. Their prepaid plan offers 12GB for 30 days for around $7 USD.
  • Tigo – Known for fast LTE speeds and coverage. Power users may like their 10GB for 15 days plan for about $4 USD.
  • Movistar – Reliable service with affordable plans to suit all needs, from basic calls to generous data.

In addition to physical SIMs, eSIM solutions are available from some providers.

colombia esim plans

In addition to physical SIMs, eSIM solutions are available from some providers. Travelers may also consider the Colombia eSIM from Gigago, which offers 1, 3, or 5GB of high-speed data with validity periods ranging from 3 to 30 days. Plans start at $18.90. The eSIM supports coverage on Telefonica/Claro’s network throughout Colombia and 14 other countries, with tethering/hotspot capabilities included.

how colombiaesim.com benefits you

Users can install it on compatible devices like newer iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel models before travel and activate mobile data instantly upon arrival. eSIM purchase and setup is done completely online for convenience. 24/7 customer support is also available via chat or email to assist with any installation or connectivity issues during the trip.

XII. FAQs about WOM Colombia

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about WOM Colombia SIM cards and service:

Does WOM Colombia offer 5G service?

Not yet. As of 2022, WOM Colombia does not have a 5G network. They currently provide 2G, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity.

Can I use WOM Colombia SIM in other countries?

No, WOM Colombia SIMs only provide service within Colombia. They will not work for international roaming.

How long does a WOM SIM card last without use?

WOM SIM cards and accounts expire 365 days after activation if not used at least once. To keep it active, make sure to use it before 1 year.

Can I have multiple SIM cards on my account?

Yes, you can register multiple WOM Colombia SIM cards under the same account and app login. This allows managing all SIMs in one place.

Does my phone need to be unlocked to use a WOM SIM?

Yes, your phone will need to be network unlocked to use any WOM Colombia SIM card or eSIM. Contact your home carrier about unlocking.

XIII. Final Words

A WOM Colombia SIM card or eSIM provides an excellent, cost-effective way for tourists to stay connected with mobile data and calls during travels in Colombia. With extensive nationwide coverage on fast 4G LTE, WOM service will allow you to explore Colombia with the connectivity you need. Look for a WOM SIM at major airports and retailers throughout the country for seamless, affordable access on-the-go.