Colombia is a beautiful and diverse country that attracts millions of tourists every year. Having connectivity while traveling in Colombia is important to stay in touch, use maps, and share photos online. Movistar is the largest mobile operator in Colombia with the best nationwide coverage. Getting a Movistar Colombia SIM card or eSIM is the best option for many travelers to stay connected across Colombia.

movistar colombia sim cards

I. Quick Facts about Movistar Colombia

quick facts about movistar colombia

Telefónica Movistar Colombia was established in 1994. Ever since, they have been proudly connecting Colombians through their diverse communication services.

They offer both mobile and home phone plans, high-speed internet, and television. Their generous network spans the country, bringing reliable 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE connectivity to both cities and rural areas alike.

With over 30 million loyal mobile customers, Movistar aims to be accessible to all. Their many storefronts – around 500 locations nationwide – and team of over 10,000 agents ensure excellent local customer support from coast to coast.

II. Why Movistar When You’re Exploring Colombia – Coverage and Speed

1. Movistar Network Coverage in Colombia

When it comes to coverage, Movistar provides service to customers a good portion of the time, but still has some room for improvement compared to competitors. Their network was available 95% of the time, which is pretty reliable.

movistar coverage in colombia

It seems coverage can be a bit spotty outside major cities or populated areas. But for most day-to-day activities indoors and around town, Movistar customers generally have a signal. Expanding 4G network reach deeper into rural regions would boost the coverage experience. Overall, coverage works well for casual use.

2. Movistar Colombia Speed

  • Movistar placed third in Download Speed Experience averaging 9.8 Mbps, behind Tigo and Claro.
  • 4G download speed was 11.7 Mbps on average for Movistar, also third place.
  • Upload Speed Experience was 6.7 Mbps on average, placing third.
  • 4G upload speed was 8.2 Mbps on average, tying for second with Claro.

In summary, Movistar offers solid speeds where coverage exists. Some enhancements could elevate coverage and 4G speeds to top-tier levels. But for casual use, Movistar performs well for most Colombians. Speed and coverage continue improving too as networks upgrade technology.

III. Movistar Connectivity Options for Travelers to Colombia

Movistar Colombia offers several flexible and affordable SIM card and mobile plans for tourists visiting Colombia:

  • Prepaid SIM Card: Movistar prepaid SIM is the easiest option for short trips to Colombia. Their prepaid SIM packs come with 4G data, calls and SMS credits to use during your stay. Top-up to add more data as needed.
  • Tourist SIM Card: Movistar tourist SIM card offers a packaged plan with data, calls and texts designed for short term visitors. Convenient and don’t need to top-up.
  • Monthly Plans: For longer trips, can sign up for a 1-month or longer postpaid plan on contract with monthly data package. More data allowance.
  • eSIM: Movistar Colombia provides eSIM service allowing you to digitally activate their service on compatible phones. Great for dual SIM needs.

So Movistar has connectivity options to match any travel need whether a short or long stay in Colombia. Their prepaid plans are most popular for flexibility and ease for tourists.

IV. Best Movistar Colombia SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

The best SIM card options from Movistar Colombia for travelers are:

Plan Name Data Validity Price (USD) Additional Benefits
2 GB 2 GB 7 days $1.63 2 GB welcome bonus for 7 days. Unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. 10 mins international calls to Venezuela, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico.
3 GB 3 GB 8 days $1.88 2 GB welcome bonus for 7 days. Unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. 15 mins international calls to Venezuela, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico.
10 GB (Recommended) 10 GB 30 days $5.25 3 GB welcome bonus for 15 days. Unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. 100 mins international calls to Venezuela, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico.
10 GB for 3 months 10 GB per month for 3 months (30 GB total) 3 months $15.75 2 GB welcome bonus for 15 days. Unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. No international calls.

Consumers can choose a plan that balances data quantity, validity period, price and add-ons to meet their prepaid wireless connectivity requirements. Movistar aims to offer prepaid customers flexibility through easily renewable packages on Colombia’s largest nationwide network.

V. Does Movistar Support eSIM in Colombia?

Yes, Movistar Colombia does now offer eSIM service and digital plans in Colombia!

The Movistar eSIM allows you to digitally activate their service on your phone without needing a physical SIM. It works through an installed eSIM profile on compatible phones.

Movistar eSIM plans provide the same services – mobile data, calls, texts – just delivered over eSIM instead of regular SIM.

In addition, international provider like by GIGAGO also offers a prepaid eSIM data plan for Colombia that provides travelers with versatile Movistar network.

how benefits you

Some key highlights of

  • Coverage: Works across Colombia on Movistar’s extensive 4G/LTE network, as well as roaming in 14 other countries.
  • Flexibility: Plans ranging from 1-5GB with validity periods from 3-30 days to suit different travel durations.
colombia esim plans
  • Easy activation: eSIM profiles are delivered digitally via email and can be installed on compatible devices quickly by scanning a QR code.
  • Instant setup: Once the eSIM is installed, it automatically activates when connected to the Movistar network in Colombia.
  • Cost savings: Avoid roaming charges by using a local data plan through eSIM instead of your regular SIM.
  • Supplementary connectivity: Can be used alongside a physical SIM for those who need both data and calls/texts. provides travelers with a affordable, hassle-free solution to stay connected via Movistar’s reliable network without charges. It’s a great alternative for those looking for prepaid data access during their trip to Colombia using eSIM technology.

VI. Where can You Buy a Movistar Colombia SIM card?

movistar store in colombia

When you arrive in Colombia, Movistar SIM cards can be purchased at:

  • Movistar Stores – 500+ Official stores all across Colombia
  • Authorized Dealers – 10,000+ Local retailers and kiosks sell Movistar SIMs
  • Airports – Available at SIM kiosks in major Colombia airports
  • Online – Can order online for airport pickup or delivery in Colombia

Movistar prepaid and tourist SIMs are readily available at airports, malls, shops countrywide. Bring your passport when purchasing your Movistar Colombia SIM card.

VII. How to Activate Movistar Colombia SIM Cards in Colombia?

Activating a new Movistar SIM card on your phone is quick and easy while in Colombia:

  • Purchase your Movistar Colombia SIM
  • Insert SIM in your phone and turn on
  • Select ‘Prepago Movistar’ network carrier
  • Follow prompts to enter SIM number and register
  • Insert recharge PIN code received with SIM
  • SIM activated! Ready to use in Colombia

The standard prepaid SIM activation involves entering the SIM number and recharge PIN to register on the network. That’s it!

VIII. Movistar Colombia Call & SMS Rates

Movistar Colombia pre and postpaid plans include bundled minutes and SMS, beyond that rates are:

  • Calls to other Movistar numbers – 100 COP/min
  • Calls to other Colombia networks – 320 COP/min
  • Sent SMS text to Colombia numbers – 129 COP

Bundles include 75-100 domestic call minutes and 20-50 SMS. Low cost to add more if needed.

International calls are more expensive at 900 COP/min to call US or Canada for example. Use VoIP apps like WhatsApp or Skype to call internationally from Colombia.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Movistar Colombia SIM Cards

Movistar Colombia SIM cards and plans support USSD codes allow you to check balances and settings directly from your phone.

Here are some of the most useful Movistar Colombia USSD codes:

  • *111# – Check SIM balance
  • *433# – Check data balance
  • *611# – Receive bonus data offer (limited)
  • *555*11# – Check plan details
  • *555# – Customer service menu

Dial these codes directly on your Movistar Colombia mobile to manage your account and balances. Useful for checking data packs and bonuses.

X. How to Top-up Movistar Colombia SIM/eSIM

When you need to add more data, minutes or SMS to your Movistar SIM card or plan there are a few options:

  • Purchase Bonus Packs – Dial *555# to buy data/min/SMS top-up vouchers right from your phone
  • Movistar Stores – Take your SIM to any official store for top-ups
  • Dealers – Find nearby dealers selling top-up cards from 10,000 to 50,000 COP
  • Online – Recharge online using international credit card on the Movistar website

For prepaid SIMs, top-ups are required when your initial data or credits run out. For eSIMs and monthly plans you can renew your data package each billing cycle as needed.

XI. FAQs about Movistar Colombia SIM Cards

Does Movistar Colombia offer monthly plans?

Yes, Movistar has a range of monthly plans from low cost with 1GB data to unlimited data plans. Requires 1 month contract.

Do Movistar Colombia SIM cards work in other Latin countries?

Yes, Movistar has roaming agreements for Colombia SIMs to work in Ecuador, Mexico, and across Latin America/Caribbean. Extra roaming fees apply.

How long is Movistar Colombia SIM card valid?

Movistar prepaid SIMs are valid for 120 days after activation. Must top-up/recharge at least once per 120 days to keep SIM and number active.

How to check Movistar Colombia data balance?

To check remaining data balance, dial *433# or text DATOS to 9003. Will receive SMS with remaining high-speed data.

How to contact Movistar Colombia support?

Dial *555 from your Movistar phone or call (1) 750-0555 from any other phone. Can visit Movistar store for in-person help.

XII. Final Words

A Movistar Colombia SIM card or eSIM offers the best way for travelers to stay connected across Colombia. Movistar offers widespread coverage, fast speeds and inexpensive prepaid options. Pick up their prepaid 4G SIM on arrival or order an eSIM before your trip for seamless connectivity. With a Movistar Colombia SIM or eSIM in your device, you’ll enjoy reliable connectivity enabling calls, maps, sites and apps throughout your travels in Colombia!