Tigo is one of the leading mobile operators in Colombia, offering cellular and data services to millions of customers across the country. As a tourist visiting Colombia, getting a Tigo SIM card or eSIM can help you stay connected affordably during your trip. Here is a detailed guide on using Tigo Colombia while traveling in the country.

tigo colombia sim cards

I. Quick Facts about Tigo Colombia

quick facts about tigo colombia

Established in 2012, WOM S.A. is a telecommunications company that specializes in mobile services, including 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE technologies. As of 2022, it boasts a subscriber base of over 7 million customers. With a wide-ranging network coverage that spans 99% of the population, WOM has firmly established itself as the third largest mobile operator in Colombia, trailing behind Claro and Movistar.

The company operates an extensive network of 1,000 stores and employs 15,000 agents throughout the country. WOM sets itself apart by prioritizing simplicity, transparency, and affordability in its prepaid and postpaid mobile plans, offering customers a cost-effective alternative to other major operators in the market.

II. Tigo Colombia Coverage and Speed

1. Tigo Coverage in Colombia

Tigo has extensive population coverage across Colombia’s urban and rural areas:

  • 2G: Covers 96% of the Colombian population. Good for calls and texts.
  • 3G: Reaches 96% of the population. Suitable for basic data use.
  • 4G/LTE: Blankets 90% of the country. Provides fast mobile internet.
tigo network coverage in colombia

Tigo’s network reaches all major cities including Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Bucaramanga. Coverage extends to smaller towns and villages too. But some remote areas may only get 2G.

2. Tigo Colombia speed

Tigo’s 3G network offers speeds averaging 5-12 Mbps, while 4G LTE provides over 14 Mbps on both metrics. That’s quick enough to browse the web, stream videos, or download apps with ease.

 Quality and consistency were also strong points, indicating applications usually ran smoothly. With swift speeds wherever service was available, Tigo customers could blast through daily tasks and entertainment online. 

III. Tigo Colombia Connectivity Options for Travelers to Colombia

As a tourist in Colombia, you have two options to get Tigo service:

Tigo Colombia SIM card: Get a physical nano-size SIM with prepaid credit on it. Available from Tigo stores and many retailers.

Tigo Colombia eSIM: Digital eSIM profile activated remotely. Needs an unlocked dual SIM phone. Limited availability.

Both options give you a Colombian phone number, data plan, and prepaid account. Top-ups are easily available for long trips. Pick the option that best suits your device and travel needs.

IV. Best Tigo Colombia SIM cards for tourists & cost

These are the best SIM card options from Tigo for tourists visiting Colombia:

Plan Data Price (USD) Validity Includes
SIM Prepago 5GB $2.50 6 days Unlimited calls and SMS to all national destinations
10GB $5 14 days Unlimited calls and SMS to all national destinations

All SIMs can be topped up easily and recharged with data/call packs as required. Prices are very affordable due to competition and regulation.

V. Does Tigo Colombia support eSIM?

Yes, Tigo launched eSIM support in Colombia in 2022. But availability is currently limited. Very few phone models sold by Tigo officially support eSIM activation.

iPhone users can potentially activate Tigo Colombia eSIM if their phone supports dual SIM. Check specific model compatibility before counting on using eSIM with Tigo.

The physically nano-size SIM card remains the easiest and most compatible option to get Tigo service, especially for short-term tourists.

VI. Where can you buy a Tigo Colombia SIM card?

tigo store in colombia

As a tourist, it’s best to get your Tigo Colombia SIM card at the airport upon arrival. SIMs can be purchased at:

  • Airport kiosks – Tigo has sales desks at the arrivals area of major airports.
  • Supermarket chains – Exitós, Carulla, Olimpica, Éxito Express stores sell SIMs.
  • Tigo stores – Located in malls & commercial centers of all big cities.
  • Authorized dealers – Many small mobile shops also carry Tigo SIMs.

VII. How to activate Tigo Colombia SIM Card

Activating your new Tigo SIM or eSIM profile is straightforward:

1. How to use Tigo Colombia SIM card

  • Get a new nano-size Tigo SIM. Standard and micro-SIMs will require a SIM adapter.
  • Insert the Tigo SIM into your unlocked phone.
  • Turn on your phone and the SIM will auto-configure.
  • Follow prompts to register the SIM and create a prepaid account by providing your passport details.

VIII. Tigo Call & SMS rates in Colombia

Tigo prepaid SIMs and plans come with the following domestic call and text rates:

  • Calls to Tigo: $COP 69 per minute
  • Calls to other networks: $COP 219 per minute
  • SMS to any domestic network: $COP 110 per message

International calls start from $COP 1,100 per minute. Receiving calls/texts is free. Rates are reasonable due to competition between the three major operators.

IX. Useful USSD codes for Tigo Colombia SIM Card

Tigo users can check their account balance and active plans by dialling the following USSD access codes:

  • *111# – Check main account balance
  • *444# – Active promotions and bonuses
  • *555# – Active data and calling plans
  • *777# – Pending account activations

No need to download apps or call customer care for basic account management with USSD codes.

X. How to Top-up Tigo Colombia SIM Card

Adding more credit is easy with Tigo Colombia SIM cards and eSIM. You can recharge using:

  • Tigo app – Instant top-ups done via app using credit/debit card.
  • Online – Website recharges possible with card or bank transfer.
  • Cash – Wide network of top-up points at stores, kiosks and Tigo outlets.
  • Vouchers – Prepaid scratch cards available for cash recharges.

Minimum top-up amount is $COP 1,000. There are bonuses and free data offers on larger first-time recharges. Auto-top up can also be enabled for convenience.

XI. Alternatives to Tigo Colombia

The two other major mobile operators in Colombia are:

  • Claro – Owned by América Móvil. Second largest operator after Tigo.
  • Movistar – Part of Telefónica group. Has around 13 million subscribers.

Both offer prepaid SIM cards and competitive rates like Tigo. Network coverage may differ in some rural areas. But all three operators have similar mainstream acceptance.

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XII. FAQs about Tigo Colombia

Does Tigo Colombia offer monthly plans?

No, Tigo currently only has prepaid plans for tourists and visitors. Long-term residents can get postpaid contracts.

Can I use my Tigo Colombia SIM abroad?

Roaming is automatically enabled, but charges apply outside Colombia. Data roaming is expensive.

How long is my Tigo Colombia SIM card valid for?

SIM card remains active as long as you top-up regularly every 90 days at minimum.

Does Tigo block VOIP and messaging apps?

No, apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook calls work normally. VOIP is not restricted.

XIII. Final words

Getting a Tigo SIM card in Colombia is quick, convenient, and very affordable for tourists. Their prepaid plans offer excellent domestic connectivity with wide 4G coverage, fast speeds, and competitive rates. Just slot in the SIM, top-up, activate a data pack and you are all set to use mobile internet across Colombia with your unlocked phone.